I haven’t blogged in a while, been super busy trying to study for chemistry while researching about majors that I had to choose to apply for earlier this week. But, I will take a break from studying for my final right now to share some good news! (I really don’t feel like studying right now anyways nor do I think I can focus!!) Okay, are you ready?! *drumroll* I GOT INTO PHARMACY SCHOOL!!! I was so shocked when I opened the email and saw “Congratulations!” that I cried. My family jumped up and down for a good 2 minutes and to say the least, we are all so happy about this. Now I no longer need to worry about my major, about my future! It’ll be a tough road ahead, but I just feel so encouraged to know that I can do this and they believed in me. I was also very touched by the responses my friends gave me when I told them the news. Of course, they all said that they knew I would get in, but it just made me realize what a difference I can make in their lives, even being somewhat inspiring! Crazy eh? I really can’t believe I got in and I’m just so relieved, happy, and shocked. Maybe I’m not such a failure after all? =D