Under my umbrella(s)-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh

It’s raining, as normal. And its quite the sight seeing all the people walking to and from classes with umbrellas of all sorts of styles and colours moving about. Confession: I seem to have an obsession with umbrellas. I sort of tend to hoard them, frankly speaking. I just really dislike getting wet and have once cried because it was just a bad day and in Raincouver, I got rained on and yes I acted like a little kid all upset because I got wet. Therefore I began keeping an umbrella in my backpack no matter the day, the weather, the season. It started a few summers ago when I found out that my bag was super heavy with just one folder of paper due to having 2 umbrellas in my bag. You know, just in case it rains in the summer and I need 2 umbrellas to cover all my bases. I’d keep forgetting that I already have an umbrella resident in my bag and would take another just in case. So I kept ending up with 2 in my bag, grabbing new ones as I walk out the front door. Then my mom began to question where I’m losing all my umbrellas since she keeps giving me new and different ones. I know I wouldn’t have left them anywhere because I’d be wet and it’d be the end of the world. So I thought it must have been my dad leaving them on the bus with his frequent forgetfulness. Needless to say, the culprit was me, the umbrella-crazy-person. I was cleaning my room the other day and found 3 umbrellas in my room along with the typical 2 in my bag. So now we have an abundance of umbrellas for me to start hoarding again at the front door. Due to the rain and frequent use, I have been good with using and keeping just 1 for now. But when the weather starts changing…I don’t think I can guarantee I won’t end up with more umbrellas than I can use.

Umbrellas are not only an amazing invention, but they are my favourite. You don’t get wet, you don’t have to dress for rainy weather, and you can even block the wind. However, it can only cover so much. My pants and shoes get wet from the angled raindrops. And when you share it, you’re bound to get one sleeve wet. It’s like my safety net from the raindrops, and also my comfort zone. Do I want to share my umbrella with a stranger and end up getting wet? No way! But if it was a friend, then I’d rather be a bit wet than have them get drenched and possibly even catch a cold. How willing am I to get my feet or pants wet? What is my comfort zone? With this analogy, it seems like a pretty small comfort zone which is true. I’m not saying I’m going to go walk around without an umbrella and get drenched just to get out of my comfort zone, but it’s a good reminder for myself that it’s okay to get a bit wet sometimes. It’s okay to be uncomfortable for a while. Specially if it’s for a friend. Rain won’t kill me and neither will getting out of my comfort zone.

Race, you little raindrops, race!

On a “brighter” note, it’s been pouring rain this whole week so far. And will probably be raining the rest of the week as well. Although I’m scared of the wind and thunder associated with the stormy weather, dislike the sound of rain, and hate getting wet, it’s oddly soothing. While on the bus, I was staring at the raindrops streaking across the windows and was reminded of when I was younger. I would stare out the car window at the raindrops rolling and streaking down the window, in their raindrop “race”. Along the way, some are not heavy or big enough to fall all the way down and would have to “gobble” up the little raindrops who got stuck in their path to make more weight for gravity’s pull to the finish line. They didn’t have to do anything but just land on the window, but my young self would always silently cheer on one or the other. There was just something about seeing their slow path through the raindrop-spotted window that intrigued me. Sometimes they would get stuck until another raindrop inadvertently lands on them, pushing them down. Some were slow and crawled painfully to the bottom. Others would streak past to the end. I guess its always exciting to see things go to the end even if they were dropping onto the streets into a puddle. When we can see the finish line in the things we do, it makes everything worth it. Everyone has their own method and path to the finish line. Yours may be different than everyone else’s and may be quick and easy or slow or painful, but they’ll all get there. Well…except for those really small raindrops who stay at the top of the window and evaporate…but that’s another story!