Precious time

Only two days until the pharmacy interview and three days before my midterm. I don’t feel ready at all for either of them. It’s 3 am in the morning, I’ve had a tiring Friday and all I want to do is sleep my worries away. But I can’t. I’m scared that sleeping will take away time that I could have used to study more. However, I can’t even focus right now. I’m so frustrated with myself.

(cont’d the day after)

I need a good night’s sleep tonight so that I can think with a clear mind tomorrow but I doubt I’ll be able to. My mind will probably rebel and think about anything and everything. 

(cont’d on the day of the interview OH MY SO SORRY ITS JUST BEEN SUPER BUSY)

So it was quite an experience. It was intense, one after another after another and I lost count of the interviews after the first two. The scenarios were a blur and I could only think of how I messed up on each one then have to clear my mind and think of yet another answer to another scenario. Some of the scenarios gave me a blank and I babbled on. Some I counter argued myself. Yep, I’m pretty scared about the results. Not only that, I now have to study for my midterm tomorrow and have to put aside all my worries about the interview to the back of my mind and not let them disturb me (harder than it sounds). Back to studying!