The scenic road

1 more week to go for my practicum. I can’t believe that 8 weeks would pass by so quickly and without too many problems! The headache was bearable and I didn’t actually get sick. The atmosphere was great and I really enjoyed it there. I worked my butt off there and I was touched that they saw my sincerity. And so my dream came true. My search for a part-time job for December onward didn’t even begin and it felt like Christmas had already arrived at my door. They didn’t care that I was going to have a delayed graduation, or that I wasn’t the smartest in my grade. Heck, they didn’t even ask for my resume! They were impressed with the care I had for the pharmacy and now I can proudly say that I will have my first pharmacy job starting after my practicum!

Now I don’t have to worry about my parents worrying about me finding a job. I also now have a place where I feel worthwhile, a place where coworkers are caring and encouraging. And I feel so lucky. Honestly, for the jobs that I had and now will have, I have never had to search for or do interviews for. It doesn’t matter that I have to commute 3 hours round trip each time, I’m just so grateful for the opportunity, that they see the potential in me. I can’t wait to work harder than ever. And as I was thinking about why I work so hard, a phrase I’ve heard countless of times comes to mind. “Just do your personal best” says my dad. Over and over again. Personal best, there really isn’t a limit to that in my opinion. So I am willing to work harder and harder to push that limit. So that my personal best really is the best I can give.

So throughout this long windy road of pharmacy with detours and storms, I have finally gotten a chance to look out the window at the scenery I pass. Seeing the people who walk away with a smile on their face after talking to me, seeing the people who feel reassured with their questions answered, seeing the people who just needed someone to hear their story. Although its near the end of the road as I’m in my last year, I know I’ve still got a long ways to go. But now I really believe in myself and in this. That it’ll be worth it. It seems like my wish bracelet’s wish will actually come true: that me and my best friend will find the jobs that we really love.

I hate goodbyes :(

So tomorrow will be my last day at my first job. My part time job at a medical office. February 2013 to August 2016. It’s almost as long as I’ve known some of my closest friends. I’ve learned and grown so much in there. I’ve experienced the happiness of seeing pregnant patients come in with their newborns and seen the tears of those and their families who are struggling with illnesses. I should have looked for some pharmacy related position during my years in pharmacy but I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I was there when they opened. When they had their cake-cutting ceremony and dinner. But now that I’m nearing my graduation as a pharmacy student, it’s only natural that I find a pharmacy position. So I made the difficult decision to leave. It’s sad. Even though I was only part-time and worked during the week only when I was off school, I’ve made lasting relationships there. With the doctors, the other receptionists, and patients. I hope that as my brother starts working there after me, he will learn and experience just as much as I did, if not even more.

I’m so thankful. I was not looking for a job nor did I ask for the job. It was just…offered to me. And it has enriched my experiences. I just hope that I was able to make a difference for others like they did for me. Leaving and saying goodbye doesn’t mean the end of the journey. It’s like turning the next page for the next chapter. The stories with the people may continue (I sure hope they do), and I can’t wait for the new stories and experiences I will have. At least I know that if I end up jobless, they’ll welcome me with open arms! Now I have to put myself out there, something I’m not familiar with doing. But I can do it, I know I can. So here’s to the unknown future, let’s do this!