Sideways Figure Eights

How long is forever? I always try to think about it and my brain starts hurting because in no way can I imagine eternity. It’s just impossible to wrap my head around it. I think its the same for everyone else? I think? For people who believe in life after death, then really, this world, this life, would be nothing compared to that eternity. Just trying think about it, I dare you. It guarantees a headache. =)

It’s funny how there are many instances that we can get a taste of just what eternity is like. In an embarrassing situation, the earth just won’t swallow us up and we feel like that time has stopped forever. Or, we are in a state of depression when everything is so bleak and nothing seems to ever go right and time just drags on and on and on. Rarely do we think of happiness as a preview of eternity since time seems to fly when we are happy. However, if indeed a place like heaven exists, then eternity would be endless joy. Our life is just a taste of eternity that is to come. Thinking too hard and my brain is starting to hurt so I’ll just leave it as this. 

Infinity can be thought of as that abstract mind-boggling subject, or just a sideway figure eight, it’s all in perspective. Sometimes a different perspective may be just what we need. All in all, the right perspective makes all the difference.