Holiday Cheer/Rant

It’s nearing Christmas. What can I say. Christmas carols on the radio, bright lights decorating houses, the snow that’s been falling, the decor everywhere… everyone is happy and bustling about. As always, I have the winter blues. It’s not that I don’t love Christmas, which I do, but I guess I think more during this season. Thinking back on the year: what happened, what I got and what I lost, what I wish to do, just thinking and thinking and thinking.

It was my brother’s birthday yesterday. I made a video compilation of his friends saying happy birthday to him. After school that day, he thanked me, and I felt so sad for him. You have no idea how much I wanted to give him a hug, do something for him, make him happy on his birthday. What happened was that no one said happy birthday to him. Of all the people that participated in the video, only three said happy birthday, and they aren’t even his close friends! At school, the people he hung out with didn’t mention anything and neither did they contribute to the video. It was in the last class that a guy one year older who he’s not that close with said happy birthday to him in math class, resulting in the whole class singing happy birthday. It’s sad isn’t it, that if our birthdays are not on Facebook, people don’t know our birthdays. How much is it really worth to have people say happy birthday to you on Facebook that they would otherwise not have cared about? Does anyone still care enough to remember and do something for their friend’s birthday?

Through all this thinking about birthdays, Christmas, and friends, I really saw how real friends are the ones who take the time to care, take the time to remember the little things, who find time for you. Everyone is busy. It’s life. But, it’s still possible to keep friendships and show someone just how much you care. When better to do that than over the holiday break? This Christmas, I’ll be thinking of ways to show my love and appreciation for my friends and family.