Like a typhoon passed by

My mind is a mess, my headaches are worse than usual, so let’s try to get these itching thoughts out of what happened this winter. During my first trip to Asia, first trip alone, and first trip with just me and my dad.┬áJust like the typhoon that was approaching Central Philippines when I was about to depart, the days just passed like a storm, leaving a mess in its path, but gone as fast as it came. As I was alone for all these insane experiences except for the few days that my dad was with me, it’s left me an empty shell of memories that no one can empathize with. Not all of it was a mess, the first 3 weeks where I was in the Philippines was amazing, like I had stepped into another world. It was not only the first trip alone, but also the first time I had made a big decision on my own and acted upon it without my parents’ approval, against their wishes actually. But I knew that I would have to do that someday, and I just knew that I needed something like this, to find what I can do with my career outside of work. It was also a much-needed daddy-daughter alone time. As well, it was going to be my first and last time travelling for a while as I was determined to focus on work for the next few years/decade. Therefore, the 4 weeks that turned into 6 weeks were nonetheless literally the “time of my life”. As for the adjective to describe it…nothing really fits. Maybe it’ll make more sense as I write in detail what exactly happened those weeks, and what I experienced. And hopefully, blogging will get my thoughts sorted out, like it always does.


I hate goodbyes :(

So tomorrow will be my last day at my first job. My part time job at a medical office. February 2013 to August 2016. It’s almost as long as I’ve known some of my closest friends. I’ve learned and grown so much in there. I’ve experienced the happiness of seeing pregnant patients come in with their newborns and seen the tears of those and their families who are struggling with illnesses. I should have looked for some pharmacy related position during my years in pharmacy but I couldn’t bring myself to leave. I was there when they opened. When they had their cake-cutting ceremony and dinner. But now that I’m nearing my graduation as a pharmacy student, it’s only natural that I find a pharmacy position. So I made the difficult decision to leave. It’s sad. Even though I was only part-time and worked during the week only when I was off school, I’ve made lasting relationships there. With the doctors, the other receptionists, and patients. I hope that as my brother starts working there after me, he will learn and experience just as much as I did, if not even more.

I’m so thankful. I was not looking for a job nor did I ask for the job. It was just…offered to me. And it has enriched my experiences. I just hope that I was able to make a difference for others like they did for me. Leaving and saying goodbye doesn’t mean the end of the journey. It’s like turning the next page for the next chapter. The stories with the people may continue (I sure hope they do), and I can’t wait for the new stories and experiences I will have. At least I know that if I end up jobless, they’ll welcome me with open arms! Now I have to put myself out there, something I’m not familiar with doing. But I can do it, I know I can. So here’s to the unknown future, let’s do this!