The End of the World?

December 21, 2012. Supposedly the end of the world. I clearly don’t believe in that as I have plans with my friend on that day, and the day after. P.S., that’d be a sad waste of money on Christmas presents if it does come true.

It’s interesting what people can believe in. Of course, I like to wish upon a star, and make my wishes at 11:11 pm, but it’s just a little habit of mine. I don’t believe that it’ll make any difference in the outcomes, so I wouldn’t say I’m superstitious, but who doesn’t have a wish they want to come true? As for the stuff about fate, destiny, things bound to happen, I’m on the fence in believing about that. Of course I wish my life was like a fairy tale with a happy ending bound to happen no matter what the challenges are, but life just doesn’t always work like that. Is there a mapped out plan of our lives like in the Adjustment Bureau? We may never know. But I sure hope the world won’t end tomorrow. I’m anticipating watching Despicable Me 2 next summer! 

I’ve heard the sky’s going to be especially dark during the afternoon, and it’s a natural phenomenon. I’ll be looking forward to that. I hope people don’t go crazy tomorrow… Superstitions sometimes make us more worrisome than we already are. Just remember, many things in life are out of our control no matter what we do. I’m still working out the thing about life having a destined course or not, but just some bits and pieces of my thoughts for now. Have a great day and I’ll continue tomorrow 😉