No longer my “little” brother

Of course, we have our ups and MANY downs, but recently I’ve come to appreciate how mature he is and realize how much he cares for me. He got in trouble with my mom for not studying, which I totally understand how frustrating it is, and so I was trying to comfort him. It was then that he told me how he got behind in his studies because of that long talk we had when I told them everything. He had to do his pharmacy application last minute which was due the day after and he said that he would’ve chosen to spend that time and energy with me when given the choice again. It was ok for him to miss the application deadline because I was more important. He spent the day after our talk trying to think of solutions for me even with multiple midterms coming up. He just wanted me to get better. In my eyes he may still be the little brother who I need to protect, but now he wants to protect me. It felt like “that” defining moment in our relationship, where now we are equals and will be there for each other through thick and thin. Turning legal really does make you an adult eh? But all in all, I’m so proud of him. And touched. He’s always been so humble, calling me smart and all, but he’s the one with the better grades. He deserves more. And now, I don’t even have to worry about him being able to care for others in the future. He’s all grown up. This is the relationship I’ve always dreamed of between siblings but was too scared to hope to have. There’s just been too many traumatizing experiences seeing the previous generations’ siblings bullying each other even in adulthood. So thank you, for proving it wrong. That siblings can love and care for each other so deeply, valuing it above all else. I love you my “not-so-little” little brother!


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