Back then when…

So while all this crazy stuff was going on, I decided it was the perfect timing to get around to making a laptop case for my new laptop. From scratch. And without a sewing machine at home. I did take textiles in high school, but everything we learned there was with a sewing machine and patterns with all the tools we needed provided to us on a silver platter. So what was I thinking? I don’t even know. Anyways, so I went to Dressew, got all the materials (and some studs and embroidery thread for decorating) and found a tutorial online ( And VOILA. Here is my beautiful baby, 100% handsewn. I was very impressed with myself to say the least, that I could hand sew something like this, sewing straight lines and all without a pattern or anything.

It’s not perfect by any means, but I’m more than satisfied. The process wasn’t easy and many times I would think that it’s just going to end not nothing like what I imagined in my head. But it did. Like how we may not be perfect, we can still become someone that we can be proud of. It’s okay to have out-of-place stitches. It’s okay to have little bumps here and there. It’s okay to be tad small. But the biggest lesson I learned was how fortunate we are to live in this time and place. 2016, the year where technology just keeps on booming. It seems like such a feat to hand sew this for me but back then, sewing machines didn’t even exist! Imagine a world without computers, without TV, without cars. It blows my mind how people would do everything by hand. Technology is amazing no doubt, but it makes me wonder how much we lack because of it. The skills and abilities that our ancestors had, their hard work and diligence. Wow. If I lived in their world, I wouldn’t be able to survive. Or maybe the wish to survive would be even greater. I’ll never be able to find that out, or I hope not to. But I just feel so appreciative, of the advancements we have in this world. We think life is hard, but that’s without¬†having to do everything by hand and living to survive. We live to enjoy and often forget that.


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