Yet another new year

It’s the 21st new year since I’ve been born. I remember doing new year resolutions at school and never keeping them. Every year I think about making new year resolutions but the failure rate is just too high to even expect anything out of them. And with so many new years just passing by, why is it so celebrated? I mean…you don’t get to restart everything from a blank page just because it’s a different number on the calendar. And it doesn’t mean you forget everything that happened the past year and years before. Sure, it might seem exciting to enter a “new” year but it can also just be yet “another” year. We don’t know until the year has passed whether it is a year worth celebrating. I guess it’s the hope of the new year that they carry when they celebrate, but I bet that it dies down before you know it and you’ll be waiting for the next new year.

So instead, we should be using the new year to reflect back on the year that happened. All the regrets and mistakes we did and what we can do to change it for the next year. That hardly sounds like something to celebrate about doesn’t it. And we shouldn’t just be doing that on January 1st, we should be doing that daily shouldn’t we? Thinking about how we can change and improve ourselves for the better. To grow during the year rather than have a bundle of regret that we want to throw away before the new year. I have nothing against celebrating the new year, but when you think about it from another perspective, the hype doesn’t seem to make sense.

So despite all this, I think it’s good to have goals and resolutions to keep in mind for the new year. And I guess putting it up here will help to keep me accountable. So here goes! Let’s see what’ll happen. I plan to limit the amount of things I watch to 1 show a day. (It doesn’t sound like a lot but many shows come out on the same day sadly) Another thing I would like to do is to attend every single class this term. I don’t think I had a perfect attendance record for a few years now, especially with my headaches that get worse randomly. I would also like to figure out how to better handle my relationships and friendships. I hope that I can have more patience and compassion towards friends and people that may require more than I could give right now. I also hope that I can be of help to my loved ones as we search and work towards our goals and dreams. I’ve learned so much recently about the importance of healthy relationships that change me for the better, one where both sides are putting all they have into the relationship. That’s what family is. It doesn’t have to be tied with blood, but just needs love, care, and effort.


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