Mindblown…what a small world indeed!

So I was hanging out with a friend a few days ago whom I had gone to high school with but wasn’t that close with until just last year. It was our first time hanging out outside of school and I was a bit nervous to be honest. We usually just texted, and hanging out at school just meant walking from classes and bussing home at times. We hadn’t really done anything “fun” together and spent that much time together. I still remember our first conversation. We were somehow in this group conversation with a mutual friend and…we began talking about butts when my other friend was “brb-ing”. It was an instant connection you could say. I mean…who talks about butts in their first conversation with someone they pretty much are strangers with?! Us.

It was fun hanging out with her. We had ramen for dinner and then we went to watch the sunset. I love sunsets but I can’t really place my finger on why exactly. It’s so…calming and beautiful. It’s one of those “Ok, everything is going to be fine” kind of scenes. And watching the birds gather on the beach, it made her laugh as I told her how I wanted to be a bird. I wanted to fly like they did. To be able to just glide on the winds and fly high above the city, above the crazy life down here. As the sun went down and the sky darkened, the clouds moved in, following the sun. I guess even clouds like to follow bright shining things! As the sky became pitch black, we went to play with sparklers. It was surprisingly exhausting but also extremely exhilarating. Writing words, drawing pictures, we ended up playing with them for 3 hours. When we took a break halfway, we somehow we began talking about preschool. Turns out she went to a Montessori too! It never crossed my mind that it would be the same one since I knew there were more than one in Vancouver…but looking at her class photos, I saw myself. It was weird… a funny weird. To have known her in preschool and then meet again. And to not even have had talked to her, being in the same high school for 5 years, until we had an accounting project that we did together in the last term of our last year!

Surprise, surprise. Life seems to really like to throw these curveballs at us when we least expect it. Who knows when we’ll meet someone of our past that we can or cannot remember? It’d make life so much easier to be liked by everyone but we all know that it’s almost impossible. There will be people who don’t like us for one reason or another. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past that could have hurt people, so I deserve the dislike, and I can only hope that they can see the good side of me now. We all have our goods and bads, our times of success and mistakes. I just wish that there can be a chance for me to patch things up with those who don’t like me because of a misunderstanding, since it’s the worst way to leave things with both parties unsure of what actually happened. The world is too big to picture but too small to hide from.

Celebration of Light 2014

One little light in a dark black room can illuminate the whole room. Light is amazing isn’t it. That’s probably why we have the Celebration of Light with fireworks yearly. I can’t remember when I started going to watch the fireworks with my family…I remember the days we’d go to down to the beach or someplace with a lot of people. My brother would sit in one stroller, I in the other. My parents would cover our ears with their hands because the resounding “boom”s were so loud. And we’d watch lights shoot up into the sky. Mesmerized. We would still watch them when we got older, but no longer at the main sites. We’d drive to places where we could still see them, places where others like us gathered. Those with kids that could run around and get lost in crowds. Then as we got older, I lost the appreciation for them. I would just stay at home at times instead of joining them. This year, however, after all that’s happened, I went along with them for all three days, thinking instead of how this would just be yet another beautiful memory to have together. With the sun setting so late, the sky turned from dark blue to black while they went on. I didn’t quite like the USA’s performance as I found the music selection and the accompanying fireworks boring to be honest. However, France’s performance was amazing. My brother loves the French language and really enjoyed the music choice. It was more exciting. Tonight’s Japan performance was my favourite. Although there weren’t lyrics, it was epic. That’s the one word my brother came up with and the only word I think I could describe it properly with. The instrumental music, the story that came through with the fireworks, was breathtaking. We watched it from afar in a higher ground residential area but it still felt like watching a movie accompanying the songs.

Fireworks. Seen in concerts, celebrations, on Halloween, at get-togethers; a symbol of happiness. At the Celebration of Light, crowds gather to watch it, filling beaches and gatherings. Just what about an explosion of light makes it so mesmerizing? Maybe it’s exactly that. It’s like a release of light into the dark, seeing it shine so brightly against the black sky. It’s evolved into an art. Accompanied with music and set with a choreography, it’s a display. And when I texted a friend who was also watching the fireworks somewhere else, it felt like a connection. Watching the same fireworks from different places, experiencing it together while being apart. It’s funny how fireworks can bring people together. It’s an explosion of light, something scary. But it’s also exciting, fun, and beautiful. A statement for all to see. I can’t wait until next year’s Celebration of Light. My appreciation and enjoyment of fireworks has definitely returned.