Happy Daddy Day <3

Another year passes, another Father’s day. A day to honour our fathers. A day to tell them how much we love them, something I know I rarely say. Ever since elementary school, he’s always been the “hero” I would write about. I don’t remember but I’m pretty sure I’ve gushed about him in a blog post before. I just admire him so much. So this father’s day, I did an extra special something. He’s loved my cards from before. He got angry one year because my aunt wanted to throw out the “garbage” Father’s day card I made him in grade 2 when I was in grade 7 or so. He made me love making cards for people, knowing that it could mean so much. I guess that’s what started my love for making cards for people. Cards that were out of the ordinary. Anyways, this year I combined three songs together, changed some lyrics, and sang it to him, playing my own piano accompaniment. He cried. I used to be able to say that I’ve never seen him cry, but really, the only times I’ve seen him cry is when he was really hurt, when my grandma passed away, and when he watches emotional videos where there’s touching scenes with kids and their parents. I guess he misses his parents. I mean, I probably would be a wreck and cry a lot more. But I’m nothing to compare with…being a girl and a crybaby. I mean, I cried watching How to Train Your Dragon! Anyways, I’m glad it touched him and that it made him proud to call me his daughter. I did it in front of other people during his fellowship, and apparently a lot of people found it touching and was tearing up too. It was successful I guess! (I did not intend to make people cry…I don’t mean successful in that way, just to clarify) He was surprised I was there as I had told him I wasn’t going and ended up bussing there by myself. And he got even more surprised when I began playing piano. And even more so when I began singing in mandarin to songs that I had written parts of my own lyrics to. He just deserves it. All this and so much more. I just want to give him the world you know? For all that he’s gone through, for all that he’s done. He’s amazing and am I ever so proud to call him my daddy. 

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