Stumbling around

This morning, I got to have a taste of how life would be like without glasses. I couldn’t find my glasses when I woke up this morning. Last time this happened, I was able to get my dad to find it for me. Today, with no one at home, I even tried using my phone camera to see things clearly but still couldn’t find it. I had to wait until my mom got home to find it, and it had somehow gotten itself hidden in my blankets. My eyes are pretty bad…around 500 degrees nearsighted. Everything is blurry and I have to be 6 inches close to see things clearly. I now realize how uncomfortable it is to see everything out of focus. I feel so unstable and I now know why it’s considered a restriction on my driver’s license. I can’t really do anything without my glasses. Not only does it feel very odd, as I’ve been wearing glasses everyday of my life since 1st grade, but it’s even more so that I can’t see things properly, like how I know they should look.

I guess this analogy is perfect for my life right now. So much unknown about the future and the path that I’ll take. It’s not clear, and even the parts that I look at closely seem unclear once I step back and look at the bigger picture. The decisions I make might require me to look really closely for it to be clear while others can see it from far away and at the bigger picture as a whole. It’s also easier if I see how things look through another pair of eyes (phone camera). On the other hand, it also reminds me about focusing. If I try to take in everything at once, it’ll look blurry. But if I’m only looking at one section and get closer, I can focus on what’s important and see it clearly. I definitely need to work on that with prioritizing school and life. It’s hard to study on one thing while you’re worrying about the next things or trying to do other stuff. One thing at a time. 


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