Don’t judge a book by its cover!

My little brother got into UBC Science! It’s like the highest rung on the ladder that many people I know try to achieve when they get to their graduating year here in BC. Here’s too all those people who think he’s dumb and won’t amount to anything in life, cheers! I’m so proud of him. It’s like the big sister feeling that I just can’t put into words. I’m so happy for him! Now he might not have to move out, and I’ll be able to spend time with him at school again! He’s so smart, way smarter than me, and he deserves more recognition than me. I’ve always felt bad that he’s been in my shadow with schooling, but I believe that he’s on his way to surpass me! Let’s put the spotlight on him now, leave me alone!! Stereotypes really hinder people at times, but I’m glad he can see his self worth despite what others say. If it breaks my heart hearing what he’s said about other people’s view of him, it must hurt him so much more. He’s athletic, smart, nice, and funny. Just because he’s big and tall doesn’t mean he’s old, fat, and dumb. It’s frustrating for me seeing that on the side when I just want to tell everyone what a smart and caring person he is. I’m glad that he has friends who have put in the effort to get to know him and see what an amazing guy he is. I just hope other people can see how his marks already way above mine! But he’s also humble, so I am not going to embarrass him or do something he doesn’t want like broadcasting it on Facebook how proud of him I am, butttt because he doesn’t know about my blog, I just want to put it out there how proud of him I am!! ❤ Congrats to his new chapter and all the best for his uni experience wherever he chooses to go!


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