Ohhh Cannn A Daaaaa~

I’m currently staying up, waiting for the gold medal hockey game for 2014 Sochi Olympics – Canada vs Sweden! The Olympics always made me feel so…patriotic. Seeing the team unity and everyone cheering on each other is so touching. Every time I see people win a medal I feel so emotional, so happy for them! It must feel amazing to be able to compete at that level and win. Orrrr maybe those were just parts of my emotional episodes from PMS-ing! But yeah, seeing the sportsmanship, the level of perfection, and the way countries gather behind their athletes is so…amazing. GO CANADA GO! Hopefully they’ll play like women 😉

Speaking of patriotism, being an Asian-Canadian, it’s interesting whenever it gets to the topic of countries. Watching badminton with my brother, I tend to cheer for those who are the underdog (aka not China) whereas my family would cheer for China no matter what. It doesn’t matter that we’re relatively whitewashed, were born in Canada, and have never been to China or anywhere in Asia. I recently observed a discussion about this topic. Apparently there would be people who are totally “for” China to make up for being in the inferiority in a western country. I personally am not much into patriotism or culturalism and don’t feel that way, but I was somewhat surprised when I felt emotional seeing Canadians on the podium. Maybe it’s the growing up and understanding more about what it means to be proud of other people who are from our country and representing it well or just seeing the whole unity of people coming together during Olympics. People who would cheer “Canada” as our four-man bobsleigh team walk to the finish line after their crash. Or the Canadian coach who gave the Russian cross country skier new skis to replace his broken one so that he could have a good finish. It’s in times like this that we can really see what it means to live in peace and unity. It doesn’t matter the country you’re from, the colour of your skin, or the language you speak. Competition doesn’t require communication, yet you can see how much respect there is for everyone on that world wide stage. Everyone has an equal chance at the medals and the Olympics just brings everyone together. There might be controversies at times (like the figure skating judging) but overall, I think the Olympics give a great show of the most talented athletes on Earth that stirs in us a fire for our countries. Now back to my attempt at being productive while I’m awake and waiting. Watching Olympics is always better live, having that “moment” with them! GO CANADA GO, let’s bring home the gold!!


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