For every good reason there is to lie, there is a better reason to tell the truth. ~Bo Bennett

My mom recently bought a pack of the “Hello Panda” crackers, a version of the “Koala’s March” crackers. I had watched a video of a celeb obsession of mine and his bandmates shaking “Koala’s March” boxes and another video of his results, achieving a perfect round chocolate sphere. I was amazed and wanted to share with my mom and my brother what I thought was pretty cool. Their reactions didn’t disappoint me. An argument began (as always) and “It’s impossible” “ask your smart friends if it’s possible” “it’s fake, he just rolled it into a ball” ensued. (I did look it up online and there was an asian craze recently over the Koala’s March sphere shaking. It’s hard to do, but it is possible!) I swear, I’m going to prove it to them by doing it after I buy myself one of those Koala’s March crackers. 

But it’s always been like this. They say I believe too easily. Is it so wrong to believe in the good side of other people? Not everyone is out there to trick you! Yes, there are people who don’t seem that “good” to them, but they have a good side to them! No one is perfectly evil and despicable. How would they like it if it was flipped around and they were the ones being judged and talked about? It’s so frustrating sometimes. Also, where are their feelings?! Showing my mom a video of my current obsession Jam Hsiao being emotional at his concert after helping facilitate a proposal with his song “Marry Me”, she only wondered why he was tearing up. I told her how I agreed with fans who had commented, saying that he was so real. (He’s so awkward, but so adorable and honest!) She questioned whether it was for “show”. I bet I would’ve been teary-eyed seeing the happiness and love between two people who I just helped get engaged! There’s something about being in the moment of things, the atmosphere, that even happy things can lead to tears. I don’t know about her, but I’ve been teary eyed at every movie I watched in theatres during the sad and happy parts. I’ve cried over receiving thoughtful presents from friends. Is it just me being a crybaby? Or is it them? Are they just cynical about everything? Is my trust in things too naive? Sometimes I just wish people could just be happy and trust what they see/feel instead of doubting everything. The world would be much simpler. Trusting might mean being vulnerable to mistakes and pain, but why not take a risk? Who knows what will happen? Trust your heart, trust yourself. 


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