Treading treacherous waters

I remember those days of swimming lessons. Oh how I hated them! I had a bad experience with water at 5 years old where I guess my head was too heavy for my body and I had tipped over on the edge of a beach. My head was submerged in water and I was somewhat “stuck” in that awkward position. Water went up my nose and it was just horrible. I still dislike swimming and getting wet to this day (showers are fine of course!). But my favourite part of swim lessons was learning to tread water. “Pretend you’re paddling a bike underwater”, “move your arms like you’re hugging a teddy bear” was how the instructors would describe it to us. Why did I like treading water in the deep end of the pool?? Simply because my face could be kept out of the water and the movements weren’t large enough like swimming on your back to splash water up onto my face. Since I was sick with the flu last weekend, I got behind a lot of the readings and studying for my courses. It feels like I’m drowning in the deep end. Treading water only works if your head stays above the water! I feel as though even if I get to the surface of the water and catch up, classes still continue on and the pool water just keeps increasing higher and higher over my head. I might get a breath of air, but hardly. There really is no time for a break. The only light I can see is reading week and even that I’m afraid may drop me into the deep end again. Yup, I’m screwed. If only it was possible to walk on water!


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