Race, you little raindrops, race!

On a “brighter” note, it’s been pouring rain this whole week so far. And will probably be raining the rest of the week as well. Although I’m scared of the wind and thunder associated with the stormy weather, dislike the sound of rain, and hate getting wet, it’s oddly soothing. While on the bus, I was staring at the raindrops streaking across the windows and was reminded of when I was younger. I would stare out the car window at the raindrops rolling and streaking down the window, in their raindrop “race”. Along the way, some are not heavy or big enough to fall all the way down and would have to “gobble” up the little raindrops who got stuck in their path to make more weight for gravity’s pull to the finish line. They didn’t have to do anything but just land on the window, but my young self would always silently cheer on one or the other. There was just something about seeing their slow path through the raindrop-spotted window that intrigued me. Sometimes they would get stuck until another raindrop inadvertently lands on them, pushing them down. Some were slow and crawled painfully to the bottom. Others would streak past to the end. I guess its always exciting to see things go to the end even if they were dropping onto the streets into a puddle. When we can see the finish line in the things we do, it makes everything worth it. Everyone has their own method and path to the finish line. Yours may be different than everyone else’s and may be quick and easy or slow or painful, but they’ll all get there. Well…except for those really small raindrops who stay at the top of the window and evaporate…but that’s another story! 


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