Happy birthday lil bro :)

I value birthdays a lot. Every birthday is a special day that I celebrate to show my care for that person and for some reason, birthdays just seem very important to me. Maybe it’s because I always had birthday parties when I was younger and everyone would come to my house and there would be games and cake and goodie bags and presents. As I grew older, birthdays seemed to be a smaller celebration; a small dinner, a friend hangout, nothing extravagant. I think that is why I try to make birthdays the best I can. I realized recently that with my brother being a boy, his birthday is even less celebrated. Yes, he doesn’t like to have a big deal about it, not letting people know his birthday, but I think that it should still be a celebratory event! His friends would not so much as even give him a present! I’ve had countless memorable birthday parties with friends. So, I tried to make the most of my brother’s special day, a day for me to spoil him and embarrass him. Last year, I compiled a video with recordings of his friends saying happy birthday. However, his closest school friends didn’t even participate! This year, I decided to have some fun. Sometimes my self-conscious thinks that maybe I go out of my way for others’ birthday longing for someone to do the same for mine. But since I think of these ways to make it special, I might as well use it on my brother of all people. He’s my one and only brother! So this year, I made a scavenger hunt type of puzzle for him…



Present #1 – The polar bear became a brown bear due to the fact that my brother himself left our oven on broil instead of bake. I made another one in time but that one was burnt even worse… But I think he likes it! 


Present #2 – also burnt, but I put some white clay on top as “snow” to cover up the dark brown parts. 

The very first gift I gave him, given a few weeks after he was born. My two-year-old self had chosen white instead of black. Now he’s grey, losing a nose, without his cola in hand, and missing some toes, but still the favourite of all stuffies.


Present #3 – a copy of present #4 that I drew. I’m surprised it turned out so well honestly…it didn’t even take me that long, two hours max! 


Present #4 – a “poster” I bought at my school’s poster sale. He and his polar bears…what can I say, it’s adorable!

As for what he’ll see tomorrow…I think it’ll just be slightly embarrassing for a grad to have his locker decorated in the grad hall like this, just slightly! And his real present or, the last and biggest final present is waiting inside. I hope he likes it and will forgive me for making it a big deal! 


This may be his last birthday that I really celebrate. I don’t know whether he will leave for university next year and I definitely won’t have another chance to decorate his locker. I’ve had friends decorate my locker and I’ve decorated my friends’ lockers. Why shouldn’t he have such a memory to keep? I hope that for the birthdays to come, I can make it memorable as well. We only grow older, and every year, our life amount of birthdays decrease, becoming memories. Memories are made by ourselves. We can choose what to be remembered by.

I know I am a horrible sister most of the time and lose my temper easily, but I do love you and I hope that you will choose to remember me by these happy moments between us. I’m still learning and I promise to become the best sister that you can ever ask for. I love you, happy birthday my BIG little brother! 


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