Trick or Eat?!

Halloween is fast approaching and there are tons of YouTube videos popping up all over the place with costumes, makeup, and haunted house ideas. Kids of all ages, even friends of mine who are legal adults, are making their costumes in preparation for the poplar Trick or Treating fun. There’s so much excitement about all the candy, costumes, decor, and did I mention candy? However, I’ve never been big on Halloween, being the scaredy cat I am. Therefore, it was intriguing to find a new activity to do this year for Halloween: Trick or Eat! I read an article last week in my community newspaper that there were people on Welfare surviving on $600 a month and surviving on only $26 for food a week after paying all the bills and other necessities. Here’s a follow-up article for people who participated in the Welfare Food Challenge of having only $26 a week for food: . Earlier this school year, I also joined the World Vision club on campus. Yesterday, they had a post on Facebook about Trick or Eat. Instead of asking for candy, why not ask for food and money donations for people who are in living in poverty and are famished in this cold weather? There are people living with even less than $26 for food per week. I know that personally I don’t fully understand what they’re going through but I can only imagine how hard it would be for them, especially those with children. I am unable to go door to door and trick or eat due to prior commitments, but I hope to make a difference through their online fundraiser. If you would like to donate to World Vision’s Trick or Eat Fundraiser for the Meal Exchange program, a $1 donation can provide 1 meal through a local food bank. You can help me fight against hunger and donate through my page at and sponsor my efforts. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Our campus World Vision club’s goal is to raise $500. Thank you in advance for your support! If you would like to join the campaign, there is more information on the website as well. 


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