Mystical fog

Today it was uber foggy. Walking on campus, I couldn’t see past a building’s distance in front of me and it just looked like everyone walking far away was walking into the fog and disappearing. It was beautiful. Fog is beautiful. It’s a cold blanket settling into the city. The bright leaves of fall become mysterious with layers of trees that get faded the further it is, covered by more fog. Fog seems almost magical to me. You walk into the fog thinking that it’s going to just get murkier and foggier but it clears up so that you seem to have a bubble of clear-ness around you. 

Normally, I feel as though it’s the opposite effect. It’s a foggy dreamworld bubble I’m in while everything else is going on as normal around me. Maybe that’s why I’m so intrigued by this foggy weather we’ve been getting lately. Well, thinking about it another way, this crazy fog is just like our timelines. We can’t see past the fog, whether it be the future or obstacles in our way that we can’t see or think past. Those hurdles we create from our insecurities fog our vision and we can’t become the beautiful landscape we were meant to be. Learn to look past the fog but also appreciate the mysteriousness. We can’t figure everything about life out, otherwise there wouldn’t be any meaning to life! I just hope that there’ll be another foggy day when I need it, it makes the cold that much more bearable and instills a quiet awe of nature. 


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