That love-hate relationship we’re stuck with for life

Brother-sister-hood. My brother is 2 and a half years younger than me. In my mind, he’ll forever be my little brother that I need to protect and watch over while he’s tottering around in his diaper. I also feel the need to play with him and keep him happy; who wants to hear the loud cries of a baby for that long?? Now, however, we’ve somewhat grown up. He’s half a foot taller than me, almost double my weight, one year away from graduation, and much better at blackmailing me. I still have that subconscious motherly protectiveness over him but there are also times when he can make me really mad!

He’s the one who knows exactly which buttons to push me off the edge and result in me losing my temper and getting in trouble for using such a “mean tone of voice”. Yes, trying to correct something that isn’t of any importance while I’m pms-ing and with a headache that’s been there for a few weeks already is not going to help any situation. There are more than enough chances for me to improve my patience, thats for sure! Being competitive, games aren’t always that “fair” as sometimes I would have to let him win if he was in a bad mood to avoid any confrontations. But usually he would win anyways without me trying to let him win. We’re usually against each other and rarely are our opinions in sync. I guess that’s mainly because of the difference in the way that guys and girls think. Having a brother definitely helps in understanding the difference in the way guys think. However, that’s not the case all the time.

We have those little precious moments. From time to time, we have heart-to-heart conversations about our current lives in my room where we would counsel each other in their problems/dilemmas. Hearing his troubles would break my heart and it takes every part of me to not go and attack the person who hurt him. He might have a big body but he’s such a little guy inside. We would bond over shared activities where he would usually be the one teaching and helping me if it was a hands-on activity. And we would be proud of each other’s successes; the age difference helps so that we’re not usually competing against each other. We especially bond the times when we are on the same side and actually agree over something. It’s much easier to bond when there is something that we’re both against!

And of course, there’s those cute moments when I feel like we’re kids again and I would feel so much older than him. I could be going to bed and find that he had set up Monopoly on my bed, expecting to play. Then there are the times when we try something new together and he would still follow my lead. When we’re bored he would make fun of me (but honestly he can be so hilarious that I can’t get mad at him) and he loves to reach over and pretend to grab onto an “extended” part of my nose.

He’s the one that can ruin my day and make my day. He’s the one I would buy things for and save yummy leftovers for. He’s the one who sees me at my worst and at my best. He’s the one I watched grow up since the day he was born and he’s the only one I can call my brother. We can’t choose our parents nor can we choose our siblings. I believe that we’re born into our families for us to sharpen each other and learn from each other, giving us the chance to become the best person we can be.