Being forgetful yet remembering everything at the same time?!

I have begun to notice that my memory tends to escape me at random and I always walk into my room to grab something and end up standing there trying so hard to try to remember what I was there to get. It makes me wonder what type of stuff I remember… People say I have a good memory, and I do remember a lot of stuff; a lot of useless stuff. Sometimes I’d rather not remember so much or remember certain things so well! It could be useful on tests when I remember which page that section was on and try to remember the stuff on that page and when I’m memorizing 200 digits of pi. However, it can be a burden when I can’t sleep at night replaying movies that I just watched or conversations that happened that day. It is especially annoying when I’m trying to forget something and thinking about it just helps strengthen that memory, making it come to mind with the tiniest reminders. Anything could be a reminder. I’m pretty sure I can look at pretty much anything and remember something that would make it important to me. Words that people say, songs that are played, places, objects, etc. Remembering the feelings associated with it, it can be hard to keep my composure if I encounter it unexpectedly. That is why I deleted the old conversations I had found on my phone. Most were already in my mind and it’d do me no good re-reading them, concreting them into my memory even more. It’s hard to move on with the collection of memories that I keep. I don’t want to keep them, but it’s just…there. So do I hold hundreds of grudges then? Surprisingly, I do not. I do remember what happened for a long time, but once I see them and interact with them (no matter how close they are to me or not), all those feelings of dislike are gone. All the memories of what they’ve done is gone as well. I just can’t seem to stay mad at someone unless they did something that hurt someone who means a lot to me. Hopefully that memory can be put to good use this upcoming school year with memorizing the important stuff and leaving the not-so-important stuff out. If only I can tell my mind what to remember! Having this sort of random spots of awesome memory also makes my studying habits a bit weird. If I start doing practice questions ahead of time, I sometimes will forget how to do it near exam time. However, if I redo the questions, I can remember seeing that question before and what the answer was, which forces me to do the questions pretty last minute. The bad thing is, concepts that I find out I have trouble with, I do not have as much time to study more on! I have forgotten the purpose of this post now…sorry! Oh brain. My brain definitely has a love hate relationship with me when it comes to memories! 


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