5,6,7,8 who do we AP-PRE-CI-ATE?

Waking up from a crazy dream this afternoon, the strongest image was the last scene where two of my friends had stayed behind in this team challenge to help me pass it. Everyone else had finished and were gone. (I had gotten lost on this train ride and before that, a hidden staircase camouflaged in the wall….don’t ask) I woke up when a worm turned into a snake and I threw it on the ground before it striked and it had bitten me.

This dream really made me think about why these two were the ones who had stayed behind in my dream to help me. They may not realize it, but these two people mean so much to me. They are 3 and 4 years younger than me respectively and we are the oddest group of friends ever. I was Gr. 12 at the time when our friendship began to blossom. Let me tell you, a graduating Gr. 12 is usually never seen hanging around Gr. 9s, much less Gr. 8s. They are my greatest blessing. It was a time when I felt so out of place with the other people in my grade. They were competitive and I did not like to compete with them and compare myself with them, especially when everyone was going crazy about university applications. I had enough pressure from myself that the extra, unnecessary pressure did more harm than good. It also didn’t help that the other girl in my grade in that fellowship was very different from me and did not understand me at all. I was pretty much a loner by choice. I’m so thankful that during those Friday nights and at Teens Camp, I had the choice of being in the company of these two awesome people. I’d rather been seen as “weird” and “uncool” by the people in my grade than have to pretend to be someone who I wasn’t. And honestly, I was surprised at how accepting these two friends were of me, someone who was older and -I’d say- not cool at all. We would do crazy things together and have so much fun! It’s a joy to watch them grow and I really believe it’ll be a lifelong friendship. An odd friendship but a bond that won’t ever be broken. Like my little sisters, I care so much about them and I just hope that I can provide that support for them like they do for me. I love you guys! 

PS: Sorry if my posts have been a bunch of mumble-jumble. Being on Advil the past week due to a constant headache for 6 days isn’t fun. Well, I guess they’ll just have more honest thoughts without any unconscious editing in my brain at all! 


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