Oh cloudy days…

It’s been really cloudy recently with random bursts of rainfall. Clouds give me a mixed sort of feeling. In elementary school, we learnt about the different types of clouds; the cotton candy looking cumulus clouds, the rainy nimbostratus clouds, and the thin cirrus clouds. They intrigued me and I never understood how a cloud could stay in the sky when it consisted of water. The different shapes were always interesting to define. But then there were also the grey gloomy rain clouds. Throughout my elementary school years, I usually associated clouds with gloomy wet school days. Oh how I hated rainy days where we couldn’t go outside for lunch and the squeaks of sneakers filled the hallways. (Did I ever mention how the squeak of sneakers is one of my pet peeves? Hmm…I shall have to write a post about pet peeves!) Anyways, rainy days sucked, especially on Mondays. However, as I got older, I realized that clouds could be a good thing on a hot summer day. Cloudy days didn’t seem so bad anymore. They were no longer just associated with rain. Now clouds are also associated with life events. When my grandma  was in the hospital and we rushed to see her, I remember looking out the window and seeing the silver lining on the clouds. When she passed away and it was cloudy and raining, it seemed as though the clouds were crying with me. On happy days, the clouds seem subdued and calming. On sad days, the clouds emphasize with me and make me feel better, like it’s releasing my emotions across the sky. Through life experiences, clouds have changed from the fluffy random shapes in the sky to something that can have a surprisingly large impact on my emotions.

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