So I almost forgot about my daily blog! ehehe (insert sheepish smile)… anyways, I guess I’ll tell you about my day. 

Had class in the morning which was very boring and disappointing. We got our midterms back. I know I should’ve studied harder and not gone out for my birthday with my friends that weekend. Do I regret it? Most definitely. However, I can’t do anything about it now so I just need to move on and start studying ahead and prepare for the next midterm! It kind of helped that the teacher mentioned how a student who barely passed his first midterm went on to destroy the second midterm and the final and is now in med school. Miracles do happen? Or determination can make anything possible? Either way, I’m just going to hope for the best as the midterm is in two weeks and this week I’ll be busy preparing for the interview as well. After class, I went to get a kit from the Canadian Cancer Society for volunteering tomorrow. It’s going to be one busy day tomorrow! Then I went home, relaxed, then went to play badminton with my brother and two of my friends. It’s now our weekly ritual to meet up and play badminton at the community center nearby. Great  company and lots of fun = an easy way to burn some calories! After badminton, all tired and sweaty, we went to do some clothes browsing since I have absolutely no professional “job-interview” looking clothing in my closet. We left without any luck but tomorrow I’ll be at it again! So yes, a not-busy yet busy day today. I should be sleeping but I’m trying to do more work before the even busier day tomorrow! Work, shopping, volunteer, morning to evening. Sounds like I’m going to need some coffee! Sorry for the mumble jumble blabbering. Lesson of the day learned: there’s always hope!


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