In your dreams!

It’s been a while since I last posted! This past week, I’ve been basically relaxing and catching up on sleep since finals were over I still have a few weeks before summer school begins. A few days ago, I had a lunch date with a friend and went to walk on the Seawall. It was breathtakingly beautiful and so calming. While we were walking, there was this sailboat and we basically walked alongside the sailboat on the other side of the river. Haha it’s hard to describe the feelings that came to me that day. To say the least, it was the best day I’ve had since university began! Additionally, I’ve finally found time to do things other than studying. I’m currently obsessed with making polymer clay objects. Maybe I’ll post pictures someday. It’s the most fun to make miniature objects and make it out of a clump of clay. Anyways, that was basically my week, if that was of any interest…

So now for some food for thought. I’ve had friends tell me that dreams were our subconscious thoughts, what we thought about the most, the future, and things happening in a parallel world. Dreams fascinate me. How in the world do we come up with these ideas while we are sleeping?! My mom has had a dream where she dreamt of the question on her test for the next day, wrote it down and actually saw it on the test. We’ve all had those good dreams where we never want to wake up and of course we happen to wake up when the good part comes along. We’ve all also had nightmares where we so desperately want to wake up but can’t wake up however hard we try. There’s also dreams that seem so real that we get muddled when we wake up, and the whole thing from Inception. And of course, those really weird and random dreams that just doesn’t have an explanation for. Last night, I one of those weird dreams.  I have no idea how it came to mind but I sure hope it’s not one of those prediction dreams! In that dream, my friend comes back in town with a baby named Candy. I think it’s just my playing too much of Candy Crush! Looking back at dreams, most of them are so absurd and far-fetched that I have no idea how they seemed so real while I was dreaming of them! Are dreams actually a part of a parallel universe? Or are they our subconscious thoughts that we don’t have a chance to express? Do they have meanings? Do we have control over our dreams? Maybe I will try to focus all my thoughts onto one idea and see if I dream about it tonight.

Sleepwalking through life

I’m so bored of studying. Was up til 6 am to study for my bio final which is in an hour. My brain is pretty fried, so I to pass time, here’s something I typed up once on the bus. Sorry it’s been really busy and I haven’t had time to write anything! Finals sure are tough!! 

I’ve heard that when someone sleepwalks, it’s best to not wake them up. It’s actually safer to let them do what they’re currently doing asleep; whether it be climbing on something or whatever. This made me realize how my routines have gotten me to do a similar sort of thing. If I get used to doing something, it becomes so natural to me that if I stop and think about what I’m doing, I’ll question what I’m actually doing. I could be walking to class on my usual route and if I think about it, I would have a mini panic attack and wonder if I’m going to the right class. And let me tell you, those panic attacks always hit me kind of hard. Like waking up. So it’s kind of like sleepwalking? However, I’m awake when I do this…so…am I sleepwalking through life?? What does that mean? Haha I wish I had the answers to that, but I’ve come up with nothing yet. Just some food for thought.

On the same topic of sleep, the previous week seems like I’ve been drowsy all the time, feeling like I’m living in a dream. I should have been studying for finals (and probably would have prevented sleeping at 6 am), but instead I was watching this drama, sleeping, doing anything BUT studying. And I don’t know why but I wasn’t feeling hungry either. I would eat half, if not less, than what I usually eat at meals. I usually snack when I study, but I wouldn’t feel like eating now. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s the unseen pressure and stress from exams that I’m not letting myself think about so it’s showing up in different ways. Maybe. 

I sure can’t wait until this week is over.  2 weeks of freedom before going back to school. Lovely.