Appreciating all those little things

This past weekend was the worst possible weekend that I have ever experienced. I’m not proud of leaving so many things to do last minute, but I’m proud that I persevered and survived. So many times I thought it was impossible to finish everything and I wanted so badly to give up. My brother is on spring break now and that just added to my lack of motivation. It’s been a tiring two weeks and I just wanted a break! Okay, let’s backtrack a little… midterms round 2 began two weeks ago. Last week, I had things to do one after another and another and another:

1) Chem Lab report/prep for Tuesday

2) Physics Lab exam Wednesday

3) Physics Midterm Thursday

4) Math Lab Friday

5) Bio term assignment Monday

6) English term project draft Monday

Long story short, I didn’t get around to working on the biology and english assignments until Friday. Plus, I had to work on Saturday. I stayed up til 6 on Saturday finishing biology and stayed up til 5:30 last night starting and finishing the english term project draft. My sleeping schedule is pretty messed up to say the least. Throughout this whole time, I became more aware of my time, of all the little things that happened. Eating out with family took away another hour that I could have used, but then it gave me a break, and their support made me want to work that much harder to succeed. Also, I’ve realized how important food is in the wee hours when you’re juicing all the brain juice you have. There’s a reason why people don’t need to eat when they sleep, but when you’re up, you definitely need the energy! And last but not least, I realize how much interaction with people can energize me. Although I’m an “introvert” by the Myer-Briggs standards, I feel like I need to talk to people and interact with people to get energized, which is a characteristic of an extrovert. Of course, most people are a mix of both, but it really got to me when I was working alone in the night, just me and my computer. It was so lonely and I wanted so desperately to talk to someone, but no one in their right minds stay up that late, so I just kept working hard with my music. I guess hearing someone’s voice helps? I sound so desperate, oh my. But I’ll probably discuss the personality test on another post. Anyways, I’ll be catching up with my sleep and relaxing tomorrow. Oh how I miss high school and their spring break!


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