Something better

I was talking to a friend recently, and somehow  our conversation went from talking about homework and silly things to life. We both agreed that things happen for a reason. Sometimes things don’t work out so that something better can come together and happen. If that friendship hadn’t turned out the way it had, I would not have known that my friend was such a fair-weather friend. (fun fact: I learnt that word in elementary school in a class discussion about hockey) Anyways, I have been blessed to make new friendships with friends that I were not that close with before. I had nothing in common with my now-close-friend, and now we bond over everything. We always do homework together because it seems as though we have two brains that really should have been made as one. I make the stupidest mistakes that she catches while I catch her mistakes and there are things that one gets that the other doesn’t get. I’m certain that if I had maintained that friendship with the friend who doesn’t seem to care about me, I would have been more reserved about opening myself to this opportunity (I’m a person who likes to have those few close friends) and not have gotten to know such a wonderful person. She cheers me up and is one of the type of friends who energize me. Cause there are two types of friends: the type that makes you tired and takes away your energy, and the one that gives you energy. It is a much better investment in a friend who cares about you and energizes you! I hope that I can be an encouraging and energizing friend to my friends as well. 

Another instance where something fell apart for something better was not getting into the high school that all my best friends went to. I was forced out of my comfort zone, knowing only a handful of other people from my elementary school, and being a shy Grade 8. From my experience in high school, I had to initiate friendships, learn how to fend for myself, learn how to learn things that the teacher didn’t teach or didn’t teach thoroughly, etc. In university, it’s an even bigger step, and I think if I had gone with my friends in high school, the adjustment would be much more difficult. As a follower, learning to lead myself was hard, but I can see the difference between now and then. I’m no longer the little girl who wanted comfortable. I’m willing to try new things, work hard for what I want to achieve, and strive for the best. And, through the test of my time, I’m still best friends with my elementary school best friends. Some things stay because they ARE the best, but some things fall apart so that better things can come together. As for knowing whether that is true…only time will tell. But sometimes, “better” may just depend on your perspective! 

Life isn’t just the window of time that we can see, you can never know what the future will hold, so take that chance and strive for something better, don’t settle for comfortable!


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