Chinese New Year

As a CBC, Canadian Born Chinese, I never really realized how “non-Asian” I’ve become. Chinese New  Years have become more and more unimportant. As a little kid, I would go to the Chinatown parades with my parents and watch the lion dances. Then, we would go to my relatives’ houses and visit, reciting the 4 word Chinese phrases of well wishes and getting red pocket money in exchange while my parents gave my cousins theirs. A huge family dinner would then take place in the evening with a full 10 course meal. Of course, how can I ever forget, during the course of the day, I would be wearing my bright red asian embroidered suit. Now? No more big family dinners, no more parades, no more dress up, and no more relative visiting. Hearing friends talk about their busy family-gathering-filled Chinese New Years make me feel somewhat sad, at how little Chinese New Year means to me. On New Years, I did the count down with my friends and everything. I believe that it’s important to keep my Chinese culture, and multicultural Canada even promotes it, but it’s still hard. Living up to all those Asian stereotypes is even harder..that’s for a different rant. Anyways, this year, when I texted my friends happy Chinese New Year, I typed it in Chinese. Small steps, one step at a time =) 新年快樂!

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