Something better

I was talking to a friend recently, and somehow  our conversation went from talking about homework and silly things to life. We both agreed that things happen for a reason. Sometimes things don’t work out so that something better can come together and happen. If that friendship hadn’t turned out the way it had, I would not have known that my friend was such a fair-weather friend. (fun fact: I learnt that word in elementary school in a class discussion about hockey) Anyways, I have been blessed to make new friendships with friends that I were not that close with before. I had nothing in common with my now-close-friend, and now we bond over everything. We always do homework together because it seems as though we have two brains that really should have been made as one. I make the stupidest mistakes that she catches while I catch her mistakes and there are things that one gets that the other doesn’t get. I’m certain that if I had maintained that friendship with the friend who doesn’t seem to care about me, I would have been more reserved about opening myself to this opportunity (I’m a person who likes to have those few close friends) and not have gotten to know such a wonderful person. She cheers me up and is one of the type of friends who energize me. Cause there are two types of friends: the type that makes you tired and takes away your energy, and the one that gives you energy. It is a much better investment in a friend who cares about you and energizes you! I hope that I can be an encouraging and energizing friend to my friends as well. 

Another instance where something fell apart for something better was not getting into the high school that all my best friends went to. I was forced out of my comfort zone, knowing only a handful of other people from my elementary school, and being a shy Grade 8. From my experience in high school, I had to initiate friendships, learn how to fend for myself, learn how to learn things that the teacher didn’t teach or didn’t teach thoroughly, etc. In university, it’s an even bigger step, and I think if I had gone with my friends in high school, the adjustment would be much more difficult. As a follower, learning to lead myself was hard, but I can see the difference between now and then. I’m no longer the little girl who wanted comfortable. I’m willing to try new things, work hard for what I want to achieve, and strive for the best. And, through the test of my time, I’m still best friends with my elementary school best friends. Some things stay because they ARE the best, but some things fall apart so that better things can come together. As for knowing whether that is true…only time will tell. But sometimes, “better” may just depend on your perspective! 

Life isn’t just the window of time that we can see, you can never know what the future will hold, so take that chance and strive for something better, don’t settle for comfortable!

Me against the world

This whole weekend hasn’t been turning out that well at all… I swear it’s not hormones! I’m seemingly at the end of my line, maybe the impending stress of returning to school, but everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, seems to easily piss me off. I’ve had an ongoing headache all weekend as well, which doesn’t help. There seems to be so much more work to do than I can finish in time, and I haven’t been sleeping well either. My bed, which was for some odd reason too comfy a few days ago now feels like a lumpy rock, causing me to wake up several times in the middle of the night tossing and turning. It’s been pouring rain and freezing cold; it’s almost March, Mother Nature! I’ve also been thinking much more than I should be about the past and the future, which doesn’t help on the stress part. No one seems to care or realize that I’m not myself, making me wonder how much my current close friends actually know about me. I guess I don’t let people into my life easily, but I like having friends who I can tell everything to, almost like this blog. Maybe I’m bipolar in a way, I’m either very open or very closed. I hate it when I’m all closed up, but I can’t help it sometimes. The world just seems so harsh and it’s tiring having to put up a front for everyone else. Sorry about the rant, but like my blog’s title says, these are just some of my thoughts that are whirling around in my head. Hopefully I’ll have happier thoughts to post about soon!

And from yesterday…

LENT UPDATE: Day 10 of 40!

10 days does NOT sound like a long time, but it is when you’re itching to watch the latest Wong Fu Production’s videos! I also no longer have the wide variety of music that I had, having been listening only to the songs I have on iTunes or the radio. On the bright side, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands (all those short videos do add up to hours!) and have been able to get more done this reading week that I probably would not have been able to otherwise.

So much of my time is wasted on stupid little things like playing minesweeper (next on my list to stop), looking at tumblrs, talking about “nothing” with my friends, etc. It’s interesting how when there is something that needs to be done, how so many other things become much more intriguing and engaging! It’s easy to be distracted in a world full of distractions, and with “enjoy life” being constantly thrown at us from advertisements, who wouldn’t feel a bit lazier and wish to live life the fun way? I’m not saying you can’t have fun, I just think that there’s so much more you can do with your life if you work a little harder now. All that hard work will get you somewhere, that is guaranteed. In the bigger picture, it really doesn’t matter how many advanced level minesweeper games I’ve finished or what videos I’ve seen, but what we make of our life. We only got one chance to show the world what we’ve got. My mom’s always telling me to use my time wisely, and reflecting on just these past 10 days alone, I can definitely see how I can change my usage of time and energy. I would preferably not quit YouTube foreverrrrr, but maybe limit myself to one or two videos a day. Minesweeper…I can do without.

To be or not to be, that is the question.

The hardest choices in life are those where you can choose to give up something that is comfortable for something that may or may not be better. I still think about my choice months after I made my decision. Some things in life we will never know whether it was “right” or “wrong”, or maybe there was no right or wrong answer. I feel so conflicted on making my choice for something “better”. It might not even end up being anything, but I took the risk and gave up what I had. In the future, I guess I’ll see whether or not it was worth it. But, I believe that whichever way I went would leave regrets in not choosing the other path. Go with what your heart tells you, and don’t look back. Once you make your choice, what you’ve left behind is in the past and you just have to live with that choice. As I’m typing this, the words are more for myself than anything else.  The past can’t change, but you can change the future you make it. Life is too short to dwell on regrets. Of course, we all make mistakes sometimes, but we can learn and see how the mistake might just be a blessing in disguise. Although I just said we all make mistakes, I believe that there are no mistakes, and our “mistakes” are meant to be, to teach us a lesson or make our lives better. Whether this post makes any sense or not…that’s another question. 


Learn how to cook?!


“Come out to the kitchen, tie a bag full of oranges around your waist, and learn how to cook!”
“Why the bag of oranges?”
“Then you can practice how to cook while you’re pregnant!”

Oh my dad. Yes, I do not know how to cook. I’ll learn someday…but preferably without the bag of oranges! Or I could just marry a guy who knows how to cook… =P Note that my dad does not know how to cook either. My mom is currently attempting to teach him and thus he wanted to drag me along.


It. Is. Finally. Reading. Week. This whole term, (I don’t know if it’s because we are supposed to be used to university life now), seemed a lot harder and packed with assignments and things to learn. Needless to say, it has been stressful. Now, there is one week of rest, not having to wake up at 6:30 and not having to stay up studying is bliss. Of course, it’s only a week, but there’s been so much that I’ve wanted to do but never found the time to. Also, my body needs the rest. I gauge how tired I am  based on how long my naps are. I nap habitually, and they average around two hours, mostly because I know I have to do work when I wake up. Today, not having to worry about work due Monday and being way overdue for a good rest, I had a four hour nap, paradise. Our bodies do need a break sometimes. It’s not just our brains that gets tired when we are stressed. Stress takes a toll on our bodies as well. At a lecture given by a psychoneuroimmunologist, I learnt how stress affects our immune system. Small levels of stress gives a boost in our immune system, but after prolonged periods of stress, our immune systems are more susceptible to infections/viruses. Rest is necessary, even when we sometimes feel superhuman being able to sleep only a few hours a night and still be able to think clearly for a test. Caring for our bodies is just as important as getting that “A”. Who cares if we become successful if we shave years off precious years of our life that we could have lived in our success?