It’s not gonna be the same but it’s gonna be alright.

Change is always happening to us. Whether something small like a doing something not in our regular routine like choosing a different restaurant to eat lunch at or something bigger, like moving, new friendships, a death of a loved one. What changes is not important, but it’s the reaction we choose that is. How we react to change in our lives ultimately depicts the effect of the change. Change is hard, but it’s what we choose to make it.

A difficult part of change is letting go and the uncertainty of the consequences of each decision. I met this girl a few years ago and we became best friends very quickly. We found out later that we were childhood friends in Chinese school back when we were 5 or 6, I thought our friendship was just meant to be. She helped me to realize a lot of things, to not be afraid to speak first and to just talk it out if I have a problem with a friend that I care about. However, with our friendship being so awkward now, I don’t know how to do that. I’ve tried reaching out to her, reestablishing that bond we had, but she would stop replying or not reply at all. If she replies, she would stop after one or two. I’ve been trying to look at it in a different perspective. She has a boyfriend, she has school too…but her “I miss you lots” just feel so fake when she doesn’t take the time to reply to my answer to “how are you?” It’s really hard for me to let go of our friendship, frankly, of any friendship. I believe that anyone can stay friends unless they do something heinous, but yet there’s still some good in them that makes them worth being a friend. I guess our “friendship” has shifted more to be acquaintances? Change. It’s not like I can’t live without her, but I feel sad losing a close friend nonetheless.

I guess that’s part of growing up. People come into your life, make an impact, and some stay, but some go. People find new friends, have new lives, die, it’s life. Now how it affects us, we can learn from them and not hate them for “leaving” us, we can try to mend a broken friendship, we can leave it at the “hi and bye”, etc. I won’t forget what happened in my experiences, but I won’t let it dwell on my mind and bring me down. “Look on the bright side”! Anddd it helps focusing on something else, like school. 


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