Studying over the holidays

It’s been a week of winter holidays and it is oh so hard to bring myself to study. It’s just the stereotypical time to relax and have fun and the studying mindset just isn’t there. Catching up with friends, watching movies, napping…with so much time, I just don’t find time to study! And, time doesn’t stop either. I wish there was a pause button in life. 

A pause button would allow me to take a breather before tackling the next problem without having to deal with a gazillion things at once since life loves to throw everything at us. A pause button could prolong the happy moments in life, those fleeting moments of pure joy. I sometimes think that as we grow up, those moments are harder to come by. With a pause button, we can think things through instead of making rash (sometimes stupid) decisions. Thinking things through with a clear mind really makes a difference. At times, I feel like the whole world is revolving around me, too fast, leaving me dazed as to what has happened. A pause button would be nice. And, it’d let me get some studying done, helping the procrastinator. 


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